Family Law for Real Housewives: How A Prenup Can Help

Some real housewives like Kandi have a prenup. This assuredly had Mama Joyce’s stamp of approval. Likewise, we watched Vicki in the OC – like many moms and dads across the country – advising her son to get a prenup. 

Other real housewives like Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle don’t have one. Camille and Kelsey reportedly didn’t have a prenup either, and went through a public, messy divorce. 

Bethenny also went through a nasty break-up. Think how long, and how many tv seasons, her divorce took. Who wants to go through that if it can be avoided? A prenup is an opportunity to limit issues in the event of divorce and make the process less contentious. 

Prenups are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. They now extend to a much broader group of people, spanning to both soon-to-be Real housewives and non-housewives. 

Common reasons people enter into prenups include: protecting a business, safeguarding pre-marital assets, keeping the money in the family and away from the in-laws, experiencing a bad divorce, and balancing the rights of children from a prior marriage. 

In a prenup, a couple can tailor the law to meet their individual needs. Typically, a prenup  addresses property division, the payment or waiver of spousal support, rights upon death, and more. 

Bear in mind, divorce laws vary from state to state. The divorce laws differ greatly from New York to Beverly Hills. In entering into a prenup, you can be more prepared for what to expect in the event that the marriage disintegrates. 

All marriages come to an end one way or the other, whether by death or divorce. A prenup can help pave a smoother path for whichever Real life event unfolds.